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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Decision time.


The anti-arena delegation is quick to paint Daryl Katz as a crook that’s out to squeeze Edmontonians out for every dollar he can before bleeding us dry and then escaping into the night with a big bag of our money. They argue that the only reason he’s involved in the Oilers and downtown Edmonton is because he’s sees a chance to make a buck at our expense.

That assessment is backwards. If there’s a group of people that are trying to wield City Council as a tool that they can use to achieve their own selfish goals, it would be the vocal minority that is so staunchly against downtown redevelopment. They’re prepared to sacrifice a revitalized city core, a beloved professional sports team, and one of Edmonton’s biggest boosters in order to maintain a mediocre status quo.

World Class vs Second Class

It’s time for Edmonton to become a city where good enough is no longer good enough. An Edmonton Arena District that’s done right is our city’s chance to shake off the moniker of a small town with a million people and instead take possession of a new title: An exciting northern city with a vision for the future.

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