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Why downtown?

A new arena in downtown Edmonton will:
  • create a high density, pedestrian friendly development that will be one of the first steps in reducing urban sprawl;
  • revitalize a section of the city that inarguably needs help. Similar developments achieved that same goal in cities like Los Angeles, Columbus, San Diego and Indianapolis;
  • spur secondary development. When the arena district becomes the place to be, developers will start to build in surrounding areas and neighbourhoods in order to meet the demand of those that want to live and work right in the heart of the action;
  • replace an aging complex that is among the oldest professional hockey arenas in North America. Iconic teams like the Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs took their history and tradition with them when it was decided to move into new facilities. The Oilers' storied heritage will be transfered to a new arena in much the same way;
  • create new full-time construction jobs in the short-term;
  • create new jobs in the retail, hospitality, gaming, and entertainment industries in the long-term;
  • illustrate to the world that Edmonton is city full of forward thinking visionaries who aren’t afraid to make a bold statement.
A new state-of-the-art arena district is something which all Edmontonians could enjoy. From cheering on the hometown team to attending the biggest concerts to simply spending a night out in a vibrant, urban district, a centrally located downtown development of this type will be of tremendous benefit to Edmontonians of all walks of life.